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Hi Tuner! Nice to meet you!

I’m Maurizio, founder of OldSkullTuning.

From 2010 to 2020 I worked in big tuning companies and I was mainly responsible for:

  • Research and Development of calibrations of engine management, gearbox management and traction control units.
  • Study and analysis of files for maps interpretation and control unit operation.
  • Tests on the dyno with the aid of a diagnosis tester for DTC detections and real time analysis of the engine parameters.
  • Project Manager for development and testing of an ECU/TCU tuning and editor software.

After 10 years of experience in big tuning companies, in 2020 I founded OldSkullTuning.

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Aim of this new project is to offer as much information as possible, applying an affordable cost and using a FREE mapping software, to both professional and beginner tuners.

For this reason, I have decided to make available my expertise combined with free binary editor TunerPro software. TunerPro is a binary files editor and uses XDF bin definition files (setting files/driver) to decipher what each byte in the binary file stands for in the real world.

XDF definitions include the maps to manage engine and gearbox parameters.

They are available for all vehicle types: cars, bikes, atv, trucks, tractors, boats, snowmobiles, construction machinery and special vehicles.

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OldSkullTuning has developed a Network of Partners over the world. Also thanks to them we can develop our TunerPro XDF definitions with as much information as possible.

Dyno tests and on road tests complete our tuning solutions which allow to obtain the maximum power and torque without affecting the degree of reliability.

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Buying our services, support on Stage 1 remapping, maps’ meaning and Tuner Pro use are always included.

No annual subscription required. You can buy only what you need.

Invoice is always issued. You will be able to include the purchase of our services in the balance sheet of your business and reduce the amount of taxes to pay.

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After the many requests received by our customers, who already buy our TunerPro XDF definition files, we have implemented our offer with:

dyno oldskulltuning

Should you need some additional information, please feel free to contact us using our contact module or writing an email to


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