Bin Definition File (XDF) for Gearbox

rev limiter automatic gearbox

In this page are listed bin definition files, called XDF, for gearbox. They contain many tunable maps. Using these maps you can tune for example vehicle speed to shifting, time for upshifts, time for downshifts, max engine target speed limit when downshifting.

Please find the above mentioned list here below. All column can be sorted in ascending and descending order. A search field is available to find your desired vehicle.

Our vehicles/xdf list will be constantly improved, research and development team is steadily working to add new tunable vehicles.

  • Send us your original (or tuned) file read out from the vehicle together with all techinical information you have
  • We will send you the proper bin definition file (XDF)
  • Open both your reading and our XDF file in free mapping software TunerPro and make all modifications you require
  • Buying our XDF support on Stage 1 remapping, maps’ meaning and TunerPro use are always included
  • Invoice always issued

For additional information:

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BrandModelTypeDescriptionEngine codeFrom yearkWCV/PSTCUPreviewPrice (euro)
SmartCity Coupe'(W450)0.8L CDIOM66019983041Bosch EDG15CPreview50
SmartFortwo(W450)0.8L CDIOM66019983041Bosch EDG15CPreview50
SmartFortwo(W451)1.0L Brabus3B21T20077298Mitsubishi G2T601xPreview50
SmartFortwo(W451)1.0L Brabus3B21T200775102Mitsubishi G2T601xPreview50
SmartFortwo(W451)1.0L MHD3B2120074561Mitsubishi G2T601xPreview50
SmartFortwo(W451)1.0L MHD3B2120075068Mitsubishi G2T601xPreview50
SmartFortwo(W451)1.0L MHD3B2120075271Mitsubishi G2T601xPreview50
SmartFortwo(W451)1.0L MHD Turbo3B21T20076284Mitsubishi G2T601xPreview50
SmartFortwo(W451)0.8L CDIOM66020073345Mitsubishi G2T601xPreview50
SmartFortwo(W451)0.8L CDIOM66020094054Mitsubishi G2T601xPreview50

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