Bin Definition File (XDF) for Special Applications

diesel generator caterpillar

In this page are listed bin definition files, called XDF, for special applications, for example generator, water pump. They contain many tunable maps. Using them you can tune for example injection, torque, start of injection, boost pressure, rail pressure, idle.

Please find the above mentioned list here below. All column can be sorted in ascending and descending order. A search field is available to find your desired vehicle.

Our vehicles/xdf list will be constantly improved, research and development team is steadily working to add new tunable vehicles.

  • Send us your original (or tuned) file read out from the vehicle together with all techinical information you have
  • We will send you the proper bin definition file (XDF)
  • Open both your reading and our XDF file in free mapping software TunerPro and make all modifications you require
  • Buying our XDF support on Stage 1 remapping, maps’ meaning and TunerPro use are always included
  • Invoice always issued

For additional information:

Abbreviations Legend Special Functions:

  • EGR = EGR removal
  • RL = Rev Limiter

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BrandModelTypeDescriptionEngine codeMYkWCV/PSECUPreviewPrice (euro)
Billy GoatOutback810ccB&SDelphi MT05Preview40
BOB-CATPredator-Pro993ccB&SDelphi MT05Preview40
Briggs & StrattonVanguard Engines810ccDelphi MT05Preview40
Briggs & StrattonVanguard Engines993ccDelphi MT05Preview40
Cub CadetPro-Z747ccKohlerDelphi MT05Preview40
Cub CadetZ1747ccKohlerDelphi MT05Preview40
Detroit Diesel12.8LDD13Temic DDEC6Preview50
Detroit Diesel14.0LSeries 60Temic DDEC6Preview50
Detroit Diesel14.8LDD15Temic DDEC6Preview50
Detroit Diesel15.6LDD16Temic DDEC6Preview50
FerrisIS993ccB&SDelphi MT05Preview40
FerrisISX993ccB&SDelphi MT05Preview40
GrasshopperFrontmount727T747ccKohlerDelphi MT05Preview40
GrasshopperFrontmount937993ccB&SDelphi MT05Preview40
GrasshopperMidmount328G4810ccB&SDelphi MT05Preview40
GrasshopperMidmount329G4824ccKohlerDelphi MT05Preview40
GrasshopperMidmount333G5824ccKohlerDelphi MT05Preview40
GrasshopperMidmount337G5993ccB&SDelphi MT05Preview40
GravelyPro-Turn747ccKohlerDelphi MT05Preview40
GravelyPro-Turn824ccKohlerDelphi MT05Preview40
HusqvarnaPZ824ccKohlerDelphi MT05Preview40
HusqvarnaPZ-T810ccB&SDelphi MT05Preview40
HustlerSuper Z993ccB&SDelphi MT05Preview40
HustlerX-ONE824ccKohlerDelphi MT05Preview40
John Deere30292.9L3029Phoenix L21/L22/L23Preview50
John Deere40454.5L4045Phoenix L21/L22/L23Preview50
John Deere60686.8L6068Phoenix L21/L22/L23Preview50
KohlerCommand Pro EFICH640Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFICH680Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECH630Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECH650Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECH680Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECH730Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECH740Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECH749Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECH940Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECH980Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECV630Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECV650Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECV680Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECV730Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECV749Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECV850Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECV860Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECV870Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECV880Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECV940Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIECV980Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerCommand Pro EFIFCH749Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerConfidant EFIEZT715Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerConfidant EFIEZT725Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerConfidant EFIEZT740Delphi MT05Preview40
KohlerConfidant EFIEZT750Delphi MT05Preview40
Kubota1.8LD1803Bosch EDC17C55Preview40
Kubota2.4LV2403Bosch EDC17C55Preview40
ScaniaEngine8.9LDC9Motorola EMS S6Preview50
ScaniaEngine9.3LDC09Motorola EMS S6Preview50
ScaniaEngine10.6LDC11Motorola EMS S6Preview50
ScaniaEngine11.7LDC12Motorola EMS S6Preview50
ScaniaEngine12.7LDC13Motorola EMS S6Preview50
ScaniaEngine15.6LDC16 V8Motorola EMS S6Preview50
SimplicityLimited Edition993ccB&SDelphi MT05Preview40
SimplicityPrestige810ccB&SDelphi MT05Preview40
Toro3000 Series747ccKohlerDelphi MT05Preview40
Toro5000 Series747ccKohlerDelphi MT05Preview40
Toro6000 Series747ccKohlerDelphi MT05Preview40
WalkerH37i993ccB&SDelphi MT05Preview40

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