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Phoenix L33 John Deere tractors TunerPro maps

John Deere ECU Phoenix L33 chiptuning. In collaboration with Talleres A. Diaz garage from Spain we are pleased to present you new bin definition files (xdf) series for all John Deere with engine 4.5L, 6.8L, 9.0L, 13.5L and ecu Phoenix L33. Supported vehicles: John Deere 5M Series John Deere 5R Series John Deere 6E Series…
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TunerPro maps for John Deere 6.8L ecu Phoenix L21/L22/L23

John Deere tractors and harvesters 6.8L Phoenix L21/L22/L23 tuning maps. John Deere tractors, harversters and sprayers with engine control unit Phoenix L21, L22, L23 are now supported! Engine supported is 6.8L (engine code 6068). Supported vehicles: Claas Arion 620/630/640/650 John Deere 6E Series John Deere 6J Series John Deere 6M Series John Deere 6R Series…
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TunerPro maps for Claas Harversters ecu Temic

Claas harversters with ecu Temic – tuning maps. Available new definition files (xdf) for Claas Harversters with engine control unit also called ECU – Temic. So, you can tune yours and modify a lot of engine parameters. These engines are supported: OM906LA 6.4L OM926LA 7.2L OM460LA 12L OM502LA 16L Supported harvesters: Claas Jaguar Claas Lexion…
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TunerPro maps for Kubota tuning ecu BOSCH EDC17C55

Kubota engine 1.8L (D1803) and 2.4L (V2403) tuning maps. We are pleased to present you our first bin definition files (xdf) series for tractors and harvesters Kubota with engine 1.8L and 2.4L (naturally aspirated and turbo charged) using the engine control unit Bosch EDC17C55. Some examples of Kubota tractors and harvesters remapped: Kubota Harvester DC68…
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