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Continental M3C fuel injection on KTM, Husqvarna and Sherco

KTM, Husqvarna TPI 2 stroke engine with ecu Synerjet M3C Today we talk about the functioning of the Continental M3C ecm on 2 stroke engines made as standard on KTM and Husqvarna TPI. TPI stands for Transfer Port Injection. New TPI engines meet the Euro 4 emission standards. You can see a 250cc KTM engine…
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Helpful Links

Helpful Links Please find here below some helpful links. In case some of them should not be available anymore, please inform us in order to have them replaced. Follow us and stay tuned to not miss the latest news. Type Link Description DTC OBDII DTC error code and fault location DTC OBDII DTC…
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Bosch ECU Insights

Bosch Engine Control Unit. In this technical insight we illustrate you several types of Bosch engine control units. First of all, Bosch ECUs should be divided in two macro areas: petrol ECUs and diesel ECUs. Then, for each area we are going to clarify what each the single character stands for. Petrol Bosch ECU Petrol…
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Volumetric Efficiency maps

Definition and theory of volumetric efficiency. Internal combustion engines are volumetric machines, therefore their first typical problem is to remove the burned gases, at the end of the power stroke, and to fill the working volume with fresh charge, at the beginning of each cycle. To describe the gas exchange process we have to consider…
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Editing Files with TunerPro

Constants. A constant, sometimes called “scalar”, is a singulary value in binary file. A constant might be used, for example, to represent the maximum rpm of the engine. To edit a constant select the constant from constants list. The desired parameter and its current value are displayed in the constant editor. You can select the…
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