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Smart 451 G2T601x remap with TunerPro

Smart 451 tcu remap Mitsubishi G2T601x. New bin definition files (xdf) series for Smart 451 with engine 1.0L N/A and turbo (engine code 3B21, 3B21T) and transmission control unit Mitsubishi G2T601x. Supported vehicles: Smart Fortwo (451) 1.0L MHD 61cv Smart Fortwo (451) 1.0L MHD 68cv Smart Fortwo (451) 1.0L MHD 71cv Smart Fortwo (451) 1.0L…
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Video Tutorials TunerPro remapping software

How to use TunerPro? Quick guide and Video Tutorials. About TunerPro TunerPro is a free chiptuning software able to modify the data inside ecu (engine control unit) and tcu (transmission control unit). Compared to the other remapping software its strenghts are: no annual subscription required; ability to open multiple instances simultaneously; possibility to open and…
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TunerPro maps for Smart 800 CDI Gearbox

Smart 800 CDI tuning maps gearbox ecu EDG15C. New definition files (xdf) for Smart gearbox with engine control unit Bosch EDG15C. Engine supported is 800 CDI (OM660). We can find it on Smart Fortwo and City Coupè. Through the definition files, the software TunerPro identifies the gearbox working parameters which allow to manage them without…
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