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After the many requests received by our customers, we have decided to offer you different type of Credit Packs.

Credit packs let you purchase xdf and tuned files on OldSkullTuning in a flexible and cost-effective way. When you purchase a pack, you have one year to redeem your credits.

Credit packs range in size from 150 to 500 credits. They are universal: meaning that they can be applied towards the purchase of XDF (bin definition/calibration files) and tuned files on OldSkullTuning website.

After each purchase you will receive a pdf with the report of the purchased files (xdf or tuning files) and the remaining open balance.

scarab 195ho 1.5L 250hp tuning me17.8.5

How do credit packs work? 1 euro = 1 credit

Example: XDF for BMW S1000RR Bosch ME17.2.4 (BMS-MP) cost 70 euro = 70 credits

You can buy credit packs directly in this page through PayPal service.

Remember to write us, using PayPal form, your name, surname and complete address (street, city and country) to issue the invoice.

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