General question

  • What is TunerPro software? TunerPro is a binary files editor. It is not able to read and write ecu, it can only be used to modify the file read out from the engine control unit.
  • What is an XDF bin definition file? The bin definitions file, called XDF contains engine or gearbox maps that deciphers what each byte in the bin file stands for in the real world.
  • What can I do if my vehicle is not listed? Don’t worry, in the most of cases we can develop new calibration file (XDF) for you. Please, send us the file read out from ECU or TCU together with technical information about vehicle and engine/transmission control unit.
  • Which maps are included in a full bin calibration file (XDF)? A full bin calibration file contains all standard maps (for example injection, torque, boost, spark advance, etc) and also all available special functions (for example speed limiter, revolution limiter, lamba removal, map scaling, etc).
  • Where to find the supported vehicles? Here.
  • Why are XDF files password protected? They are coded to protect our research and development work.

Tuning Procedure

  • How it works? It is very easy for you: just send us your original (or tuned) file read out from the vehicle by writing all technical information you have, then we email you the payment link and finally you will receive the proper bin calibration file (XDF). So you can open it in TunerPro and make all modifications you require.
  • Do you support me to tune my vehicle? We also have experience in the tuning world, so we can provide you with some information to start tuning your vehicle (stage 1). Buying our XDF, support on maps’ meaning and TunerPro use are always included.


  • Which payment methods can I use? We accept PayPal.

If you do not own a PayPal account, do not worry! We will send you by email or sms a payment request via PayPal. PayPal accepts the following cards: Visa – Visa Electron – MasterCard – Maestro – American Express – Discover – Aura.

PayPal directly manages all payment related information. OldSkullTuning will not be aware of such information.

  • Invoice always issued.

VAT application rules

Prices are without VAT (22%).

VAT application rules:

– Italian customer (both company and private): +22% VAT always applied.
– European (VIES) customer (company): no VAT applied.
– European (VIES) customer (private): +22% VAT applied.
– Extra European customer (company): no VAT applied.
– Extra European customer (private): no VAT applied.

TunerPro Setup

  • Why software does not start after setup? Delete the folder Documents\TunerPro Files and run the software again.

Using TunerPro

  • How can I see unit of maps and axes? You can see them opening the 2D/3D view. To open this view just click on button “show table graph” or F11 shortcut on the keyboard.
  • How to work on Flag/Deactivation? To disable a function, like O2 or EXUP, you have to unflag the deactivation map.

Terms & Conditions

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