Honda CBR600RR my2021 tuning file Keihin RH850

Honda CBR600RR tuned file and speed limiter off

Honda CBR600RR my2021 ecu tuning Keihin RH850.

Honda CBR600RR tuned file and speed limiter off

Remap the last generation of Honda CBR600RR from year 2021 with ecu Keihin RH850 (file size 2MB – 38770-MKZ-T01).

In addition to the main fuel maps and main ignition maps we are also able to manage all throttle maps, rev limiters and speed limiters.

Modified engine maps:

  • fuel maps by throttle
  • fuel maps by pressure
  • secondary fuel maps by throttle
  • secondary fuel maps by pressure
  • maximum fuel quantities values
  • main ignition maps (divided by cylinder)
  • ignition maps in acceleration
  • ignition maps in deceleration
  • throttle maps / accelerator response
  • max rev limiters / max rpm limiters
  • speed limiters

Honda CBR600RR ecu tuning stage1


Price for stage1 tuned file is 80 euro.

Dyno Tests

Example of Stage1 on Honda CBR600RR: +6hp / +4Nm

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