Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin chip tuning Keihin RH850

honda africa twin 1100 tuning ecu by oldskulltuning

Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin euro5 Keihin RH850 stage1 tuning file.

honda africa twin 1100 tuning ecu by oldskulltuning

Stage1 chiptuning files now available for Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin euro 5 my2020 with ecu Keihin RH850 38770-MKS (file size 2MB).

In addition to the main fuel maps, ignition maps, rev limiters, speed limiters, we are also able to manage all riding modes (ride by wire): Urban, Tour, Gravel and Off-Road.

Some of the supported ecu:

  • 38770-MKS-BT2
  • 38770-MKS-E02
  • 38770-MKS-A02
  • 38770-MKS-E22
  • 38770-MKS-E72
  • 38770-MKS-AV2
  • 38770-MKS-E52
  • 38770-MKS-A52
  • 38770-MKS-AT2

Some of modified maps:

  • main fuel maps (related to map pressure and throttle)
  • secondary fuel maps
  • maximum fuel values
  • main ignition maps (by cylinder)
  • ride by wire / throttle response
  • rev/rpm limiters
  • speed limiters

honda crf1100l ecu tuning keihin by oldskulltuning


Price for stage1 tuned file is 90 euro.

Dyno Tests

Example of Stage1 on Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin: +7hp / +7Nm

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