Honda XADV 750 my2021 tuning file Keihin

Honda X-ADV 750 ecu Keihin RH850 tuning file

Honda X-ADV 750 my2021 Keihin RH850 tuning file.

Honda X-ADV 750 ecu Keihin RH850 tuning file

ChipTuning files finally available for Honda X-ADV 750 my2021 with ecu Keihin RH850 (file size 2MB/4MB).

After many bench tests we can now offer a tested tuning file for the 2021 version of XADV and Forza 750.

We can also manage all riding modes (throttle by wire): standard, rain, gravel and sport.

Some of the supported ECUs:

  • 38770-MKT-E04
  • 38770-MKT-E05
  • 38770-MKT-D04
  • 38770-MKT-D05
  • 38770-MKT-F01
  • 38770-MKT-H03
  • 38770-MKV-D02
  • 38770-MKV-E03
  • 38770-MKV-F01

Modified maps:

  • main fuel maps (by map pressure and throttle)
  • secondary fuel maps
  • maximum fuel values
  • main ignition maps (by cylinder)
  • ride by wire / throttle response
  • rev limiters
  • speed limiters
  • lambda O2 sensor disable

dyno test honda xadv


Price for tuned file is 70 euro.

Dyno Tests

Example of Stage1 on Honda X-ADV 750: +3hp / +6Nm

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