Isuzu DMAX 4JJ3 Transtron TC277 TC265 ecu tuning

isuzu dmax 4jj3 tuning stage1 stage2

Isuzu DMAX and V-Cross 3.0L 4JJ3 Transtron TC277 TC265 stage1 stage2.

isuzu dmax 4jj3 tuning stage1 stage2

New Tuned files (stage1 – stage2) available for the last Isuzu with engine code 4JJ3 (3.0L Ddi) and engine control unit Transtron TC277 TC265 (Aurix).

Supported Isuzu:

  • Isuzu V-Cross 3.0L Ddi 4JJ3
  • Isuzu D-Max 3.0L Ddi 4JJ3

Modified engine maps:

  • Injection time
  • All fuel quantity limiters
  • All torque maps
  • All boost pressure maps
  • All boost limiters maps
  • All rail pressure maps
  • All rail pressure limiters maps


Dyno tests

Soft Stage1 to reduce fuel consumption: +20hp / +76Nm

isuzu dmax dyno test tc265 stage1


Price for stage1 tuned file is 70 euro.

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