Mitsubishi E6T remap with TunerPro

Mitsubishi Xpander 1.5 e6t ecu remap

Mitsubishi and Nissan ecu E6T chiptuning maps.

Mitsubishi Xpander 1.5 e6t ecu remap

New bin definition files (xdf) series for Mitsubishi and Nissan with ECU Mitsubishi E6T and engine 4A91.

Supported vehicles:

  • Mitsubishi Xpander 1.5L (4A91)
  • Nissan Livina 1.5L (4A91)

You can tune the most important engine maps: high and low octane fuel maps, open loop enable and disable, high and low octane ignition maps, throttle, torque, variable valve timing maps.

Nissan Livina 1.5 ecu tuning mitsubishi e6t

Knowledge, experience, calibration studies and bench tests are the starting point for the development of the above mentioned bin definition files (xdf).

A free chiptuning software combined with competitive prices (50 euro) are the milestones of our philosophy.

Through the definition files, the remapping software TunerPro identifies the engine working parameters which allow to obtain the maximum power and torque without affecting the degree of reliability.

Please note: the maps listed may not be present in all vehicles because of the different software update and calibration numbers.


Price for each xdf is 50 euro.

Supported vehicles are available in the main Petrol cars bin definition files area.

TunerPro available maps

  • Fuel: high octane fuel map, low octane fuel map, open loop disable below, open loop enable above, injection battery voltage latency compensation.
  • Ignition: high octane ignition map, low octane ignition map.
  • Variable Valve Timing: intake.
  • Throttle: desired throttle angle.
  • Torque: torque limiter – % of torque, torque limiter – Nm.
Mitsubishi 1.5L E6T85774 tunerpro maps

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