How to TUNE your vehicle?

How to remap an Engine Control Unit (ECU)? written by OldSkullTuning Remapping an Engine Control Unit (ECU), also known as chip tuning or tuning, is a process that involves modifying the software of the ECU to optimize performance, fuel efficiency, or other parameters of an engine. Here is a general guide on how ECU remapping…
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CF Moto 1250 TR-G ecu tuning Bosch ME17.8.10

CF Moto 1250TR-G tuning Bosch ME17.8.10 with TunerPro xdf. New TunerPro bin definition files (xdf) series containing engine tuning maps for CF Moto 1250 TR-G with ECU Bosch ME17.8.10 also called MED17.8.10. Available also WinOLS OLSX mappack. With our XDF it’s possible manage the main fuel maps, ignition (optimal, base and knock sensor), torque monitoring,…
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MG Saic ZS 1.5 VTI MED17 ecu tuning

MG Saic ZS 1.5L VTI ecu tuning Bosch ME17 MED17.8.10 MED17.3.85 New TunerPro bin definition files (XDF) for MG Saic ZS 1.5L VTI with engine control unit Bosch ME17 (also called MED17 – MED17.8.10 – ME17.8.10 – MED17.3.85). Available also WinOLS OLSX mappack. With OldSkullTuning XDF and OLSX you can customize the engine performance of…
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Ignition Timing Maps and Knock Detection

Ignition Timing Maps and Knock Detection Blog Ignition timing refers to the precise timing at which the spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine. This timing plays a critical role in engine performance, fuel efficiency, emissions control, and overall engine operation. Here are some key points about…
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Open Loop VS Closed Loop

Open Loop VS Closed Loop Open-loop and closed-loop are two different modes of operation for engine control systems, particularly fuel injection systems. They describe how the engine control unit (ECU) adjusts fuel delivery based on feedback from sensors. Open Loop You can often find open loop and closed loop maps inside our TunerPro XDF definitions…
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MAF based ecu VS MAP based ecu

MAF based ecu VS Speed density based ecu MAF vs MAP based engine control unit MAF (Mass Air Flow) based Engine Control Units (ECUs) and Speed Density based ECUs are two different approaches to managing air intake and fuel delivery in internal combustion engines. Each method has its advantages and is suitable for different applications.…
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Torque Limiters

What is torque? What is torque limiter? How is torque calculated? Definition of Torque Limiter A Torque Limiter, also known as a Torque Management System, is a feature found in modern vehicles, especially those equipped with advanced electronic control systems. It’s designed to limit the amount of torque that the engine can deliver to the…
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Sea Doo Bosch MG1CA920 TunerPro maps

Sea Doo ecu tuning Bosch MG1CA920 with TunerPro XDF. Knowledge, experience, calibration studies and bench tests are the starting point for the development of the above mentioned bin definition files (xdf) and tuning files. A free chiptuning software combined with competitive prices (80 euro) are the milestones of our philosophy. Through the definition files, the…
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Fuel delivery ECU

What is fuel delivery? How work fuel delivery? Fuel delivery ecu. Definition of fuel delivery The term “Fuel Delivery ECU” typically refers to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) responsible for managing and controlling the fuel delivery system in a vehicle. It’s a crucial component of the engine management system, ensuring the correct amount of fuel…
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What’s an ECU? What’s a TCU?

What is an ECU? What is an ECM? What is a TCU? What is a TCM? ECU – ECM – PCM – Engine control unit An Engine Control Unit (ECU), also known as an Engine Control Module (ECM) or Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is a component of modern vehicles. It’s essentially the brain of the…
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