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We offer training packs (original binary file + tuned file + relevant XDF) for all type of vehicles for workshops and professional individuals.

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Our main mission is to create and sell XDF definitions for TunerPro software – We also sell tuning files for all type of vehicles.

After the many requests received by our customers, we have decided to offer an online shop where to buy example packs made up of original file, stage1 tuned file and relevant XDF.

These are samples on how to do stage1 tuned file with a specific vehicle and ecu/tcu.

Please note: NOT TO USE on your vehicle, these are just examples to learn how to tune a specific vehicle.

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You will find tuned files and xdf for all types of vehicle: cars, atv, bikes, boats, tractors, trucks, special vehicles, etc.

OldSkullTuning research and development team is steadily working to improve new example packs files to teach you how to modify your vehicle using our TunerPro XDFs.

nissan 370z hitachi sh7059 tuning ecu

August Holidays

We are closed from August 13th to August 21st.
We will be back on August 22nd.