Special Functions – Rev Limiter

rev limiter car dashboard

Special Functions – Rev Limiter

What are and how Revolution Limiters work?

rev limiter car dashboard

Revolution Limiters usually protect an engine by restricting its RPM. Maximum RPM are pre-set by the engine manufacturer and the original values are inside the engine control unit or transmission control unit.

Rev Limiters works by swich off a component necessary for the combustion processes. The most used method is fuel cutting. These system usually reduce the engine’s overspeed by shutting off the fuel injectors.

There are two types of rev limiter: hard-cut and soft-cut.

Hard cut limiters completely cut fuel or spark of the engine. These limiter types activate at the pre-set RPM and bounce off of it if throttle is applied.

Soft cut limiters are a type of revolution limiters that partially cut off fuel. The engine will start to cut fuel or retard the ignition timing before the set RPM until it slowly reaches it and remains there.

We are able to manage hard cut limiters, soft cut limiters and neutral gear limiters for manual gearbox.

We also work on automatic gearbox limiters: parking, drive, neutral and reverse gear limiter.

rev limiter automatic gearbox

Where can I find this special function?

If the vehicle and engine control unit are supported with this function, you will find the REV limiter mark in column “special functions”.

Click here below and look for your vehicle:

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