Special Functions – Speed Limiter

speed limiter dashboard car

Special Functions – Speed Limiter

Which vehicles can I modify?

speed limiter dashboard car

We can tune the maximum speed limiter of various vehicle.

You can find many types of speed limiters. Some vehicles has only a single point, other two or more points. Still others need a deactivation.

We are able to cover a wide range of vehicles, starting from cars, to motorcycles and finally to trucks.

Most vehicles, for example Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen have a factory speed limiter set at 250km/h/155mph.

Removing these factory speed limiter normally is very expensive, up to even 1000 euros.

Using our services you can remove it at a lower costs.

mercedes benz sl v8 speed limiter
honda civic fc fk vtec 320cv speed limiter

We also work on Japanese cars (JDM), which have the speed limiter set to 180km/h/112mph.

Deactivation of this speed limiter type is available for most important Japanese brand, for example Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, both petrol and diesel.

We can also manage the maximum speed when cruise control is active.

Some cars or light commercial vehicles (LCV) cannot reach the maximum speed when cruise control is activated.

Using our maps you can modify it!

cruise control inside the car

Where can I find this special function?

If the vehicle and engine control unit are supported with this function, you will find the Speed limiter mark in column “special functions”.

Click here below and look for your vehicle:

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