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TVS Apache 310 tuning ecu with TunerPro

TVS Apache RR 310 ecu Bosch MSE2 chiptuning maps. New TunerPro bin definition files (xdf) series for TVS Apache RR 310 with ecu Bosch MSE2. You can tune all engine parameters like: lambda/fuel maps, fuel enrichment, optimal and base spark advance maps, air mass flow through throttle valve, maximum filling, fans control, rpm limiters, speed…
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BMW Bosch ME17.2.4 BMS-ME TunerPro maps

BMW ecu Bosch ME17.2.4 (BMS-ME) chiptuning maps. New bin definition files (xdf) series for BMW Motorrad with engine control unit Bosch ME17.2.4 (BMS-ME). Supported motorcycles: BMW F750GS BMW F750GS Edition 40 BMW F850GS BMW F850GS Adventure BMW F850GS Adventure Edition 40 BMW F850GS Edition 40 BMW F900R BMW F900XR Engine maps are divided according to…
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Segway Bosch ME17.8.10 tuning ecu with TunerPro

Segway ecu Bosch ME17.8.10 tuning with TunerPro xdf. New TunerPro XDF for Segway with engine control unit Bosch ME17.8.10 also called MED17.8.10 and ME17.U.6. Supported Segway: Segway Fugleman UT10 1000 1.0L Segway Villain SX10 1000 1.0L and all new Segway with ecu Bosch ME17. Knowledge, experience, calibration studies and bench tests are the starting point…
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Lynx Snowmobiles tuning Bosch ME17.8.5 TunerPro xdf

Lynx Sled tuning Bosch ME17.8.5 with TunerPro xdf. New definition files (xdf) series for Lynx sled snowmobiles with engine control unit Bosch ME17.8.5. With our xdf it is possible work on fuel maps, ignition maps, throttle, boost maps, rpm limiters, etc. All Lynx with ecu Bosch ME17.8.5 are supported by our XDFs, for example: Lynx…
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BMW ecu tuning Bosch M1.3 M1.7 with TunerPro

BMW Bosch M1.3 and M1.7 tuning with TunerPro xdf. New TunerPro bin calibration file (XDF) for BMW with engine control unit Bosch M1.3 and Bosch M1.7. Supported engine codes: M20B20 M20B25 M20B27 M30B35 M43B16 M43B18 Supported cars (M1.3): BMW 3 series (E30) 320i BMW 3 series (E30) 325i BMW 3 series (E30) 325e BMW 5…
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Mercury QSD EDC16C39 TunerPro xdf tuning maps

Mercury Marine QSD Bosch EDC16C39 TunerPro chiptuning maps. New TunerPro XDF series for Mercury Marine QSD with engine control unit Bosch EDC16C39. Some of the supported engines: Mercury QSD 2.0L diesel Mercury QSD 2.8L diesel Mercury QSD 4.2L diesel and all other boats with ecu Bosch EDC16C39. Knowledge, experience, calibration studies and bench tests are…
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Mahindra, JMC, Foton EDC17C55 TunerPro maps

Bosch EDC17C55 Mahindra, JMC, Foton tuning with TunerPro XDF. New TunerPro xdf series for Mahindra, JMC and Foton with ECU Bosch EDC17C55. Some of the supported vehicles: Mahindra Roxor 2.5L (M2DICR) Mahindra Thar 2.5L (M2DICR) Mahindra Scorpio 2.5L (M2DICR) Mahindra Bolero 2.5L (M2DICR) Mahindra XUV500 2.2L (mHawk) Mahindra Goa 2.2L (mHawk) Mahindra Scorpio 2.2L (mHawk)…
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CF Moto CLX 700 ecu tuning Bosch ME17.8.10

CF Moto CLX 700 Bosch ME17.8.10 TunerPro xdf. New bin definition files (xdf) series containing performance tuning maps for CF Moto CL-X 700 with ECU Bosch ME17.8.10 also called MED17.8.10. With our XDF it’s possible manage the main fuel maps, ignition (optimal, base and knock sensor), torque monitoring, driver desire torque for Eco and Sport…
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