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Indian Bosch MG1CA007 tuning with TunerPro

Indian ecu tuning Bosch MG1CA007 TunerPro maps. New TunerPro bin definition files (xdf) for Indian Motorcycle with engine control unit Bosch MG1CA007. Supported motorcycles: Indian Challenger Dark Horse 108 cu in 1768cc Indian Challenger Limited 108 cu in 1768cc Indian Chief Dark Horse 116 cu in 1890cc Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse 116 cu in…
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TunerPro maps for Indian ecu Bosch ME17.9.74

Indian Bosch ME17.9.74 tuning maps. New calibration files (xdf) containing engine maps to remap Indian motorcycles. Supported engines are 69 cu in (1133cc), 73 cu in (1203cc) and 111 cu in (1811cc). Engine control unit is a Bosch ME17.9.74. Supported Indian: Indian Chief Classic Indian Chief Dark Horse Indian Chief Vintage Indian Chieftain Indian Chieftain…
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