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Mercedes Delphi CRD3 tuning with TunerPro

Mercedes tuning Delphi CRD3.4/CRD3.5/CRD3.6 TunerPro XDF. New TunerPro bin definition files (xdf) for Mercedes with ECU Delphi CRD3.4, CRD3.5 and CRD3.6. Supported engines OM651D18 (1.8L CDI) and OM651DE22 (2.2L CDI). Supported cars: Mercedes A (W176) 180CDI Mercedes A (W176) 200CDI Mercedes A (W176) 220CDI Mercedes B (W246) 180CDI Mercedes B (W246) 200CDI Mercedes B (W246)…
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Delphi CRD3.E CRD3.F CRD3P Mercedes TunerPro maps

Mercedes Cars and LCV with ecu Delphi CRD3.E/CRD3.F/CRD3P chiptuning maps. Knowledge, experience, calibration studies and bench tests are the starting point for the development of the above mentioned maps. A free chiptuning software combined with competitive prices (70 euro for each xdf) are the milestones of our philosophy. Through the definition files, the remapping software…
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Bosch EDC15C6 Mercedes TunerPro maps

Mercedes Cars and LCV with ecu Bosch EDC15C6 chiptuning maps. New bin definition files (xdf) series for Mercedes, Dodge and Freightliner with ECU Bosch EDC15C6. Supported engines: 2.2L CDI, 2.7L CDI, 3.0L CDI and 3.2L CDI. You can tune the most important engine maps with our bin calibration files (called XDF): fuel limitation, smoke limitation,…
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