Toyota Agya 1.0L Bosch ME17 stage1 tuning

toyota agya 1.0l ecu tuning by oldskulltuning

Toyota Agya 1.0L 1KR-DE chiptuning file Bosch ME17

toyota agya 1.0l ecu tuning by oldskulltuning

Stage1 chip tuning file now available for Toyota engine 1.0L 1KR-DE with engine control unit Bosch ME17.

Supported cars:

  • Toyota Agya 1.0L 1KR-DE
  • Toyota Wigo 1.0L 1KR-DE
  • Daihatsu Ayla 1.0L 1KR-DE
  • Daihatsu Hi-Max 1.0L 1KR-DE

We are able to work on these engine maps:

  • Fuel: main lambda/afr maps.
  • Ignition: knock detection factor, optimal ignition angle, base ignition angle, minimum ignition angle.
  • Torque: drivers behaviour, optimum engine torque, max torque limiters.
  • Throttle: air flow mass, throttle maps.
  • Temperature: calculated exhaust gas temperature.
  • Air Calculation: air quantity by pressure, calculation of nominal charge, engine load limiter.
  • RPM Limiter

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Price for each tuned file: 60 euro.

Supported vehicles are available in the main petrol cars bin definition files area.

Read more about our Terms & Conditions.

Dyno Tests

Example of Stage1 on Toyota Agya 1.0L 1KR-DE: +7hp / +7Nm

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