XDF Definition File for TunerPro

What are XDF definitions?

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The bin definitions files, called XDF or templates or calibration files or bin definitions contain engine or gearbox maps that deciphers what each byte in the bin file stands for in the real world.

It tells the editing software TunerPro how to interpret each byte in the bin file (original or tuned file). XDF format is the native definition format used by TunerPro tuning software.

The definition basically says, in plain English, “the byte at location X in the bin file should be multiplied, divided or offset by W, Y, Z to come up with a real world number. TunerPro uses this entry to take the binary information and present it to you, the user, in a useful, understandable representation.

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Here you can find our supported vehicles:

Buying our XDF, support on Stage 1 remapping, maps’ meaning and TunerPro use are always included.

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