Yamaha MT10 chip tuning Denso SH7058

yamaha mt10 ecu tuning denso

Yamaha MT-10 stage1 remap file Denso SH7058.

yamaha mt10 ecu tuning denso

Stage1 chiptuning file now available for Yamaha MT-10 with ecu Denso SH7058 (file size 1MB).

Some of the supported ecu:

  • B90-8591A-00
  • B90-8591A-XX
  • B67-8591A-XX
  • B67-8591A-00
  • B67-8591A-30
  • B67-8591A-40
  • BW8-8591A-XX
  • BW8-8591A-00
  • BW8-8591A-01

Modified maps:

  • main fuel maps (related to map pressure and throttle)
  • main ignition maps (divided by cylinder)
  • fuel cut
  • ride by wire / throttle response
  • ride by wire limiters
  • fans control
  • rev/rpm limiters
  • speed limiters

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Price for stage1 tuned file is 70 euro.

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